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image copyright 2015 Edson Capmos

Group Show at the Saint Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts. Russia
                                       December 2013

copyright 2012 Edson Campos

Copyright 2012 Edson Campos

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"and what about the truth"



is the prestigious annual event where the historic

French Salon

is still held today.


will be the painting representing Edson at the event.

Grand Palais     Paris   France

Orlando Museum Of Art
" A V A T A R "

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Gustave Moreau

Pierre-Louis MATHIEU, in name of MUSEE GUSTAVE MOREAU has acknowledged and associated Edson Campos Artwork with the French Artist Moreau.

Pierre-Louis Mathieu is an author of many books published on Gustave Moreau and the
Symbolist Movement.

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Edson's Galerie Art'et Miss Galerie Art'et Miss


Edson Campos



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Edson's tribute to Leonardo DaVinci Tribute to
Leonardo Da Vinci

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New Oil Paintings
" Sirens "
New Oil Paintings by Edson Campos
New Art Book
Edson Campos's New Art Book
Edson's painting "Echo"

is on the cover of Claudis Moscovici's

"Romanticism and Postromanticism"
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Oil Paintings

Original Oil Paintings 2006-2007
"Masters Series"
Original Oil Paintings from the Masters Series
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Edson Campos

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