Edson Campos List of Events page 64

Prima Gallery, Orlando, Florida, Solo Show, Nov

Saccade Gallery, San Diego, California,
Grand Opening Feature Artist, Sept/Nov

Walt Disney Festival of the Masters,
Orlando, Florida, Nov

Avalon Island Gallery, Orlando, Florida,
"Artist of the Year" Award by O.M.A.C., August

Orlando City Hall Art Presentation,
Orlando, Florida, August

Osceola Center for the Arts,"Hispanic Perspective"
Kissimme, Florida, July

Restaurant "K", College Park, Florida,
Solo Show, July

Tropical Art Studio, Orlando, Florida,
Special Event

1st Place Watercolor, Coconut Grove Art Festival,
Miami, Florida, June

Signed with Image Conscious Posters
San Francisco, California

Avalon Island Gallery, 12 X 12 Show,
Orlando, Florida, Dec

3rd Place Watercolor
Walt Disney Festival of the Masters
Orlando, Florida, Nov

University of Central Florida Library,
Orlando,Florida, Oct

Leslie Boyle Gallery, Winter Park, Florida, Sept

Avalon Island Gallery, Orlando, Florida, Aug

Art Space, Thorton Park, Orlando, Florida, July

Tropic Art Studio, Orlando, Florida, June

1st Place Watercolor
Coconut Grove Art Festival
Miami, Florida, June

Avalon Island Gallery
Orlando, Florida

Porto Fino Gallery, Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

Tropic Art Gallery
Key West, Florida

Modus Gallery
Paris, France

1st Place Watercolor
Sausalito Art Festival
San Francisco, California

Signed with Verkerk Posters

Elton John Aids Organization
Walt Disney Sports Center
Orlando, Florida
Art Donated

Caitylin Gallery
" Now & Then " Show
(with the Art of Vargas)
Saint Louis, Missouri

Art Expo
New York

Embassador Gallery
New York

Art Expo
New York

Art Expo
New York

Orlando International Airport Florida
Commemorative Painting of 500 years
of Christopher Columbus
" Guintessential"
Permanent Collection

Dyansen Gallery
Maui, Hawaii

Huit 25 Gallery

Globo Network
Rio de Janeiro Brasil