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"Beauty is essential to the well being of the soul" - Edson Campos

" Sacred "

Biennale Internazionale Dell'Arte Contemporanea Edson's virtual gallery
featuring original paintings, drawings, limited edition
Giclee prints and lithographs. By following the links below,
you will be able to view these breathtaking works of art,
and learn a bit about their creator. For information on the
Giclee printing process, click here.
To place an order for artwork, contact Edson via

<> < 407-644-9517 >

2019 Silver Medal at the Historic French Salon in Paris .

New Drawings    New Original Oil Paintings






Stages of a Painting Work in Progress





New! Claudia Moscovici's " Romanticism and Postromanticism "



July 2010

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